Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 2 Check-In

I commented on someone's blog recently that it is difficult to focus on two or more stressful events at one time, like weight loss and something else, and I just realized that I should have listened to myself! I've been eating so much. Often as soon as I finish eating something I'm looking around for the next thing to eat. And then I often eat it. Good thing that there isn't that much bad to eat around here. As I haven't been able to get to bed before 1, I'm dropping that goal for now.

It's only been a few weeks since my only child moved out. He was home last week and I went to see him off at the train station. I haven't done that before. It was hard not to cry as I watched the train pull out. Since then I've been eating. Well I went straight from the train station to the store and bought some ice cream. That was totally emotional eating! So I decided that for now I'm not going to worry at all about what I eat and just concentrate on working on the other goals I have. There's enough of them.

Next week's goals are:
- no eating after 23.00 (unless I'm hungry)
- eat at the kitchen table
- add an upper and lower stretch to the routines

A few years ago I cut out eating after my evening snack. It took almost five months before eating after the evening snack didn't pop in my mind or I didn't think ahead of time that what was there to eat later. Over the past year I've gone back to the extra eating and I want to stop! I forgot to tell about my first week of not eating after midnight. Nervous that I would get hungry later, I would eat something just before the deadline even if I didn't feel like I needed to eat anything. This past week went much better. I didn't eat out of fear.

So my Summer Slimmin' Challenge goal of not gaining weight didn't happen this week. I gained. 0.3 kg. But my other goal of drinking more water was a great success. But when does having to go to the bathroom so often stop though! Yesterday though wasn't very warm and it wasn't until evening when I realized that I hadn't drank anything since early afternoon but then I drank a lot to make up for it.

Today's question: How do you remember to drink your water?


  1. I think you should definitly listen to yourself! I put lots of goals up so people could pick and choose, if trying to follow a lot of them is overwhelming, then drop a few! It's better to have one goal you follow consistently than 3 or 4 you fail to do.

    I don't have a problem with water, but I've noticed my fruit and veg counts slipping recently.

  2. I have a bottle with me all the time so that it's a constant reminder.

  3. I'm a stress eater (gained 30 pounds during the 8 months my mother was terminally ill). So, I really do need to find creative ways to keep busy so I don't eat when I'm stressed (I often fail at that, btw).

    And I also can't focus well on more than one, two things tops. When I want to focus on writing or decluttering, I can't focus on dieting or exercise. When I focus on dieting and medical issues, I can't focus on housework or creative work. I wish I could. I wish I was one of those uberwomen who can do 10 things at once, but I can't. :( Right now, for health and other reasons, I need to focus on weight loss. And that is that. So, other things need to wait. Hee.

    I hope this coming week is a better, less stressful one for you.

  4. I make drinking water just a part of my day. I have evironmentally safe bottles filled with water in the fridge at all times!

    Some people just can't control those snacks at night & may have to "impose" that no eating afer a certain time. Me, I plan for it & can stop but if you are one that can't, best to listen to it! :-)

    As for food... I think it is great that you are exercising & all the good stuff but it is also good to keep in mind that the food aspect af loosing weight it at least 75% of the weight loss equation so depending on how you want to do this, good to keep that in mind. Doing it the right way is key and being patient working thru it!

  5. Hey, we haven't heard much from you this week so I hope everything is going well. Looking forward to your check in.


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