Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flexibility: FAIL!

I don't remember when I last tried to touch my toes, years at least. I decided to add it to my stretching 'routine'. I also decided to try to do my stretches as soon as I get up so I'm not doing them at the last minute when I remember.

I could only reach my knees! It was just after I got out of bed, but still. I just tried again and I could get half way down my calves, but the floor is a definite goal.

Today's question: Can you touch your toes?


  1. Yes, I can. But I used to be a dancer and could do the splits. I haven't lost all of my flexibility. I stretch every day. It's also better to stretch after you have done some kind of warm up. So, warm up those muscles before you stretch and you could probably stretch a little further and not risk injury as much.

  2. LOL, I wish....I'm not even close. Flexibility.....FAIL for me too.

  3. You'll get there. Pilates really helped me get more flexible.

  4. Yes I can,but it's pretty much the only stretch related thing I can do. If I go for the floor between my feet I can only get my fingers on the floor, not my palm.

    I am seriously one of the worlds least bendy people, and I should stretch a lot more than I do (the amount I do being, er, none). I think because I bike and walk a lot my legs don't tighten up so much.

  5. I stretch every day.. I was very flexible when I was younger & the older you get, the more you have to work on keeping this. I still can do the splits but it takes me way longer now due to the changes in the bod!

    Just thought I would mention that it is better to be warmed up when you stretch. If you do it first thing or not warmed up, your muscles are not either & you can injure yourself.

    I stretch after exercise when I am very warned up ! :-)

  6. I take my official weigh in on Sunday, but I like to hop on and off during the week. In this case it was good because it told me to push myself harder on the exercise, but there have been times when it's been bad for me.

    I'm having leaving meals with my school now because exam week is coming up, so it's one of the few times when all the department can get together because their work load is smaller. As for my private class, I only see them once a month so today is my second to last lesson with them. The meal will be between now and the last lesson.


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