Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Slimmin' Week 1 Check-In

I'm glad I can record today's weight for the Summer Slimmin' Challenge rather than yesterday's because it's less! I don't know if the weight loss is from forcing myself to write everything down or I ate differently. It doesn't bother me to see what I've eaten written down. So it isn't that I've been not eating something so I don't have to write it in my journal. Maybe not having chips for a few weeks now is starting to show? Anyway it's down 0.7 kg though my waist hasn't changed.

I guess I should start keeping tract of how much water I've been drinking. Every time I go into the kitchen I try to drink a glass of water so I know I'm drinking more, but not exactly how much.

So today's check-in:
- haven't gained weight
- drank more water


  1. Great job! Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to actually see the results of what you do on the scale from when you start doing them.

  2. Yay, a loss!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this coming week is even better for us all. I was hopeless at hydration, and I'm so happy to have made myself drink more water. I noticed an energy increase, and I think being hydrated had a lot to do with that, given we've had record-breaking temperatuers in the nineties. And it's not even summer!!!! haha


  3. Nicely done! I use spark people to log my food and water, and they have a fitness section which allows me to log my minutes. I also have a calendar in my sidebar, if you click on each blue day it shows what exercise I've done that day.

  4. Way to go. I use the water tracker to help me keep track of how many glasses I am getting a day. May this week be a successful week as well!


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