Friday, June 18, 2010

52 Reasons # 3

I'm still having trouble coming up with reasons. Honestly I'd rather eat than not eat and lose weight. But I know I have to. So for now I guess my reasons will have to be those that I'll come up with because they go along with losing the weight. I wonder if I'll find 52 reasons.

# 3: I'm old enough that the wrinkles are coming in fast and furious. Though there's going to be lots of loose skin after losing weight, it would be nice to see my stomach before it's completely covered with wrinkles too.

Today's question: What's your main reason for losing weight?


  1. I lost my weight as a teen so then it was to not be fat, not get teased, have a boyfriend. As I aged, the reasons for keeping it off changed with my age. Now, it is to be fit, healthy & age well! I don't want to be a burden to others too. I want to have my muscles for as long as I can keep them & show young & old with hard work, it can happen...

    Yes, the wrinkles are a drag but I rather have muscles!

  2. My main reason is health. I PCOS which makes me prone to diabetes and other things, as does being overweight, so I really want to lose it to be healthy again.


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