Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Challenge

I came across an interesting challenge at Summer Slimmin' that is from June 6th to August 6th. There are several categories to choose from and at first I was going to wimp out and just go and read how the other bloggers were doing. After giving my self a talking to, I chose two badges (even though I know I should also work on 5 fruits and vegetables a day).

Though my aim is not to loose weight yet I don't want to gain any. So even if I just loose a few grams, that will be enough for me until I start working on portions, etc.

The second one is drinking more water. I don't drink coffee, seldom drink tea unless I'm a guest or have guests and I'm not a big juice, milk or soft drink drinker. So I should drink more anyway. As water is my drink of choice it sometimes gets really boring. This might be a struggle.

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  1. Welcome to the challenge! Water is my drink of choice too, though I switch it out for green tea sometimes. With the summer coming in it will get warmer though, which will be like a built in reminder to drink more!


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