Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Goals

I realized once I did them all in a row, that I wasn't really doing many stretches after all. It just felt like it because I'm not used to doing them. So I'm going to do a few more.

I need to try to get over my insomnia as it seems to be getting worse. So my other goal for this week is to be in bed by 1. I'll probably be up again a few times during the night but at least I'll be off the computer by then! I'll have to find a new knitting project as I'm bored with just the one and it's something I do when I'm up in the night.

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  1. I sometimes have problems with not being able to sleep at night, and I find the trick is to force myself up early no matter what time I went to bed or how tired I am. You spend a couple of days feeling kind of zombie-ish, but it breaks the cycle

    NSV = Non-Scale Victory, a marker of progress (exercising for X amount of time, fitting into smaller clothes etc) that doesn;t involve the numner on the scale.


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