Monday, June 7, 2010


Does anyone else find it hard to measure their waist? I don't hold my breath or anything but I'll measure it and then measure it again and get something different! I find it annoying. Any help would be appreciated.

Still having the problem with the digital scale. I'm going to weigh myself 5 times and take the highest weight it shows. So this week I'm down 0.3 kilos. Not much, but great considering that I'm not yet trying to loose weight.

My new changes for this week are to drink more water (I need to get a new water container so I can keep tract.) and to do some stretches. I have a few upper and lower body stretches that I have done now and then but never consistently. I'm noticing my age when I try to get up from the floor! To start I'm going to alternate them.


  1. I just came by to say Hi from Jody's site. I'm not sure where you are at or what your goals are, but if I may offer one suggestion to what you are already planning, and that is to start a walking program, every day if you can with the goal of working up to one hour. It's been proven to be the most bang for your buck if you know what I mean. Good luck!

  2. Yeah, I have trouble, too. I bought a tape measure that "locks", and that makes it easier. I tend to get the same measurement with it (I do it THREE TIMES to make sure). Not that I like SEEING the huge number that results, but it's good to keep track of (as Dr. Oz says). The one I used is called the MYOTAPE tape measure, and I got it at Amazon pretty cheaply (like 6 bucks).

  3. Do you need to changer the battery in the scale? they sometimes go wonky when they're running out.

    I bought the melon ready sliced into smaller wedges, so not too thick. I'm of the mind that once something is frozen it's pretty much good forever-more, but if you want a number I'd say 3 months at least.

    I have heard of black bean brownies (recipes here: ) as well as beet chocolate cake etc, but remember that while the beans are good for you, cake is still cake. I think those recipes are more for hiding veggies from kids and things. A brownie that's got a bit more fibre still isn't really 'good' for you.


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