Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pigged Out

Not only did I buy bacon and eat it, I also bought cheese (I haven't had much interest in it for a few months now) and ate a chunk of it and I bought a bag of candy. I do eat candy occasionally when my son offers me some but I'd much rather eat chocolate so I only buy myself candy a few times a year. I kept eating it even though I found it sickly sweet. All I wanted to do was eat everything around me.

Well actually not everything. There were lots of things that didn't even come to mind. Strangely enough one of the things was chocolate. That is usually my go to snack when I have to have something. So what was with all of the eating today?


  1. Maybe this is a good time to take a pen and personal journal and try to write to the heart of it, to find out what set you off? Some stressful news or event? Boredom? Anxiety? Tiredness? Or just plain "mouth desire"--your mouth just wanted stuff with strong flavor (cheese, bacon, candy are all strongly flavored things that hit the sweet and salty components of the mouth and the cheese and bacon have that fat satisfaction on the tongue).

    Maybe consider buying and keeping around some lower-cal, higher-fiber or in general more healthful options for when y our mouth wants those sorts of things: a sharp cheddar that's maybe 50% lower in fat, something salty and cheesy like FiberGourmet Cheese nip type crackers, something sweet that's sugar-free?

    If it was boredom or stress, then consider ways to deal with that. A hobby/craft/activity to keep hands busy. Meditation. Dancing a song's duration--3 to 5 minutes--in abandon to get the blood pumping and distract the mouth.

    But do try to figure out what caused it so you're ready to battle it next time.

    Happy Thursday to you...

  2. The Princess is right, there could have been any nukmber of reasons for your cravings. You've been tracking food recently right? Check over the numbers and see if you're low in anything. It may of been you were craving because you needed something, but then because you'd eaten it, it turned into bingy behaviour/cravings.


Thank you so much for taking the time to write!