Sunday, June 27, 2010


Awoll: A week of living lethargically

Well last week didn't go very well. Kept up watching my water but didn't do much else. I didn't even read any blogs so I have some reading to catch up on. Life happens and I'm not worried about it! Will take last weeks goals as new ones for this week. I was surprised that my waist stayed the same even though I gained 1.2 kgs! So my check-in for the Summer Slimmin' Challenge will show a gain.

Today's question: How do you pull yourself out of a funk?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 2 Check-In

I commented on someone's blog recently that it is difficult to focus on two or more stressful events at one time, like weight loss and something else, and I just realized that I should have listened to myself! I've been eating so much. Often as soon as I finish eating something I'm looking around for the next thing to eat. And then I often eat it. Good thing that there isn't that much bad to eat around here. As I haven't been able to get to bed before 1, I'm dropping that goal for now.

It's only been a few weeks since my only child moved out. He was home last week and I went to see him off at the train station. I haven't done that before. It was hard not to cry as I watched the train pull out. Since then I've been eating. Well I went straight from the train station to the store and bought some ice cream. That was totally emotional eating! So I decided that for now I'm not going to worry at all about what I eat and just concentrate on working on the other goals I have. There's enough of them.

Next week's goals are:
- no eating after 23.00 (unless I'm hungry)
- eat at the kitchen table
- add an upper and lower stretch to the routines

A few years ago I cut out eating after my evening snack. It took almost five months before eating after the evening snack didn't pop in my mind or I didn't think ahead of time that what was there to eat later. Over the past year I've gone back to the extra eating and I want to stop! I forgot to tell about my first week of not eating after midnight. Nervous that I would get hungry later, I would eat something just before the deadline even if I didn't feel like I needed to eat anything. This past week went much better. I didn't eat out of fear.

So my Summer Slimmin' Challenge goal of not gaining weight didn't happen this week. I gained. 0.3 kg. But my other goal of drinking more water was a great success. But when does having to go to the bathroom so often stop though! Yesterday though wasn't very warm and it wasn't until evening when I realized that I hadn't drank anything since early afternoon but then I drank a lot to make up for it.

Today's question: How do you remember to drink your water?

Friday, June 18, 2010

52 Reasons # 3

I'm still having trouble coming up with reasons. Honestly I'd rather eat than not eat and lose weight. But I know I have to. So for now I guess my reasons will have to be those that I'll come up with because they go along with losing the weight. I wonder if I'll find 52 reasons.

# 3: I'm old enough that the wrinkles are coming in fast and furious. Though there's going to be lots of loose skin after losing weight, it would be nice to see my stomach before it's completely covered with wrinkles too.

Today's question: What's your main reason for losing weight?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flexibility: FAIL!

I don't remember when I last tried to touch my toes, years at least. I decided to add it to my stretching 'routine'. I also decided to try to do my stretches as soon as I get up so I'm not doing them at the last minute when I remember.

I could only reach my knees! It was just after I got out of bed, but still. I just tried again and I could get half way down my calves, but the floor is a definite goal.

Today's question: Can you touch your toes?

More Goals

I realized once I did them all in a row, that I wasn't really doing many stretches after all. It just felt like it because I'm not used to doing them. So I'm going to do a few more.

I need to try to get over my insomnia as it seems to be getting worse. So my other goal for this week is to be in bed by 1. I'll probably be up again a few times during the night but at least I'll be off the computer by then! I'll have to find a new knitting project as I'm bored with just the one and it's something I do when I'm up in the night.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Slimmin' Week 1 Check-In

I'm glad I can record today's weight for the Summer Slimmin' Challenge rather than yesterday's because it's less! I don't know if the weight loss is from forcing myself to write everything down or I ate differently. It doesn't bother me to see what I've eaten written down. So it isn't that I've been not eating something so I don't have to write it in my journal. Maybe not having chips for a few weeks now is starting to show? Anyway it's down 0.7 kg though my waist hasn't changed.

I guess I should start keeping tract of how much water I've been drinking. Every time I go into the kitchen I try to drink a glass of water so I know I'm drinking more, but not exactly how much.

So today's check-in:
- haven't gained weight
- drank more water

Friday, June 11, 2010

52 Reasons #2

# 2: To look like the person I feel that I am and not the person I see in the mirror.

I don't have a full-length mirror and I seldom go clothes shopping, so I'm always surprised to see the fat person in the mirror or in the pictures. I don't know what weight I'll have to be before the outside matches the inside! I've been large so long that it probably will take some time.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pigged Out

Not only did I buy bacon and eat it, I also bought cheese (I haven't had much interest in it for a few months now) and ate a chunk of it and I bought a bag of candy. I do eat candy occasionally when my son offers me some but I'd much rather eat chocolate so I only buy myself candy a few times a year. I kept eating it even though I found it sickly sweet. All I wanted to do was eat everything around me.

Well actually not everything. There were lots of things that didn't even come to mind. Strangely enough one of the things was chocolate. That is usually my go to snack when I have to have something. So what was with all of the eating today?

Monday, June 7, 2010


Does anyone else find it hard to measure their waist? I don't hold my breath or anything but I'll measure it and then measure it again and get something different! I find it annoying. Any help would be appreciated.

Still having the problem with the digital scale. I'm going to weigh myself 5 times and take the highest weight it shows. So this week I'm down 0.3 kilos. Not much, but great considering that I'm not yet trying to loose weight.

My new changes for this week are to drink more water (I need to get a new water container so I can keep tract.) and to do some stretches. I have a few upper and lower body stretches that I have done now and then but never consistently. I'm noticing my age when I try to get up from the floor! To start I'm going to alternate them.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Challenge

I came across an interesting challenge at Summer Slimmin' that is from June 6th to August 6th. There are several categories to choose from and at first I was going to wimp out and just go and read how the other bloggers were doing. After giving my self a talking to, I chose two badges (even though I know I should also work on 5 fruits and vegetables a day).

Though my aim is not to loose weight yet I don't want to gain any. So even if I just loose a few grams, that will be enough for me until I start working on portions, etc.

The second one is drinking more water. I don't drink coffee, seldom drink tea unless I'm a guest or have guests and I'm not a big juice, milk or soft drink drinker. So I should drink more anyway. As water is my drink of choice it sometimes gets really boring. This might be a struggle.

Friday, June 4, 2010

52 Reasons #1

I stole got this idea from Fatty Blogsticks. She's posting reasons why she wants to lose weight. I thought it is a great idea and I'm going to try to come up with one reason a week.

It wasn't such an easy thing to do after all. I've been trying to think of something for almost a week now! I guess I have to accept that at this moment there aren't any reasons why I want to lose weight but there are reasons why I have to.

# 1: so I don't have to start taking insulin. The doctor has suggested that maybe I should start taking insulin but I'm not interested. I don't know how much weight I need to lose so that taking medication is enough, but if I don't want to take insulin, I need to lose weight.